From Hope To Fury


by Chris Bodenner

The Guardian's Matt Wells is in Tahrir Square:

At one point Mubarak made a reference to being a young man and understanding the young men of Egypt – basically the people who are here – and at that moment the whole square erupted in anger. At that point, the whole square exploded in anger. The way that Mubarak is comparing himself to the people on the ground infuriated them.

And when it became clear that the that Mubarak intended to stay on until September, the square shook with fury. "We are not going until he goes," they chanted.

There is real anger and real fury and people are not quite sure in which direction to channel it. As I speak to you now, one man is holding a banner next to me which says: "Freedom or I die here." Tears are running down some people's faces. They really thought he was going to go.

There is a feeling that people want to get on the move now. I can hear this chant: "We'll go to the palace and tear him out."

Suleiman just addressed the protesters in a live broadcast. Money quote:

Go home now.


2155 GMT: There are now reports that thousands of protesters are now moving towards state TV building in Cairo.

(Photo: Tens of thousands of Egyptian anti-government protesters chant slogans and wave their national flag as they crowd Cairo's Tahrir square on February 10, 2011 amid rumors that President Hosni Mubarak appeared to be on the brink of stepping down. By Patrick Baz/AFP/Getty Images)