Female Reporting And Rape, Ctd

A Peace Corps volunteer writes:

I just wanted to bring up a connection you might have missed between Lara Logan's attack and the recent ABC story on rape in the Peace Corps.  Several commentators were saying largely the same thing about the Peace Corps that they are saying about foreign correspondents.  Politics Daily, for example, suggested the program should be shuttered.

Of course Peace Corps volunteers, like any journalist, deserve the very best protection and support from their organization.  But all risk cannot be eliminated. 

The female Peace Corps volunteers I know are quite aware that they are taking some risk of rape or assault by joining up (though that risk is not zero back home, a fact that is often lost). It's nothing like the kind of danger repeatedly stared down by Logan, whose courage I can't even begin to imagine, whose stone-cold determination leaves me frankly awestruck, but it is real.  They take these risks because they are doing something they consider worthwhile, and that is the right and privilege of every free American.

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