Face Of The Day, Ctd

by Chris Bodenner

Nothing gets past the Dish reader:

In your post about the bread helmet, you wrote, "A moment of levity amid the violence". You don't explicitly say so, but it seemed implied that this photo is from Egypt. The flag in the background actually belongs to Yemen (although the flags are nearly identical). That picture was taken at an anti-government rally in Sanaa, Yemen on Thursday. I actually learned that because another blog I frequent, BagNewsNotes, which analyzes political photography, also featured the photo. I found it interesting that the same photo warranted an in depth (and perhaps overly serious) review on one blog I love and a humorous roundup on another. The internet never gets old.

Anyway, as far as actual levity, I came across another piece of headgear while writing this email and thought it would make Andrew feel much better. Keep up the great work!