Extreme Makeover: A Purple State

Lynn Vavreck presents a study on TV habits and political affiliation:

When we examine the viewership of each show ... interesting partisan composition emerges.  Republicans make up more of the share of the audience for NCIS (48%) and Criminal Minds (41%), while shows like Desperate Housewives (55% Democrats), The Mentalist (54%), and CSI:Miami (50%)  are much more likely to be composed of Democrats than Republicans.  Extreme Makeover is a pretty even mix of partisans from both parties.  Where there are differences, they are significant, at least in a statistical sense.

What’s interesting about these trends in television viewing is the similarity between the programming of shows like NCIS and CSI:Miami – both shows are about forensic science and criminal investigations – yet, partisans somehow manage to sort themselves into the shows in a systematic way.