Egypt, Day Ten


by Patrick Appel

A Flickr user has put up pictures from last night's fighting. The NYT has mapped the clashes. BBC:

An Egyptian army tank has moved against supporters of President Mubarak as they hurled rocks at anti-Muburak protesters in Tahrir Square, prompting cheers from anti-Mubarak demonstrators, reports Reuters.

The Guardian:

Hopes that the army would intervene on behalf of the anti-Mubarak protesters have been dashed, according to some people in and around Tahrir Square.

@estr4ng3d Military COMPLETELY siding with Mubarak now. Personnel at checkpoints search for foods, med supplies & arrest or send people back #jan25


Group of 'thugs' just crashed through a phalanx of pro-democracy supporters shielding behind sheet metal on 6th of October bridge - soon after prime ministers promises that violence will not be repeated. No sign of army still.


Senior reporter Shahira Amin from State-run Nile TV has resigned and joined the anti-Mubarak protesters at Tahrir Square. Outlining threats and intimidations by the regime against Al Jazeera, she says she does not want to be part of the regime's propaganda.


Besieged, under attack for hours, and increasingly desperate, protesters in Tahrir Square have set up a makeshift "prison" at the nearby Sadat metro station. Men fighting on behalf of Mubarak, and most likely at his behest, have been dragged, injured and sometimes unconscious, underground for "interrogation." Jarring photos of the station are an indication of just how far the once-peaceful protesters have been pushed and a reminder that war has no innocents. 


[A]t least five people were killed and more than 800 wounded in the battle for the square, which continues to unfold in front of satellite news channels.

(Photo: Egyptian soldiers try to prevent anti-government demonstrators (L) from battling pro-government opponents (R) in Cairo's Tahrir square on February 03, 2011 on the 10th day of protests calling for the ouster of embattled President Hosni Mubarak. By Mohammed Abed/AFP/Getty Images)