Dissents Of The Day, Ctd

A reader writes:

Are these dissents the best you've received?  Obama should be excused from taking leadership on fiscal responsibility because it is hard?

We can debate forever why we are where we are and who is to blame. That argument is raging in the comments section of Megan’s blog post.  Yes, it sucks that the President would like to implement many new programs and is frustrated because no money exists to do so.  But the bottom line is, we are where we are.   And in our system it is the President who must lead.  There is no higher pay grade.

Entitlements are growing faster than economic growth is raising tax revenues, and our military ambitions are greater than our real security needs.  We need to draw a line in the sand for entitlement spending and demand that our governmental officials actually solve the problems that drive that spending.  We need to recognize that other free countries need to participate in the security of the free world.  It begins with adult leadership in the Presidency.

Years ago I used to think that politics was about 50% policy and 50% “the game.”  Recently I concluded the mix had changed to 5% policy and 95% “the game.”  If your dissenters are right, it is now 100% about “the game.”  How sad.