Did A Million Protest?

by Patrick Appel

Al Jazeera retracts it's earlier report of more than 2 million in Tahrir square:

Number of protesters in Cairo's Tahrir square revised to more than a million people. Thousands more are taking to the streets throughout Egypt, including in Alexandria and Suez.

Evan Hill of Al Jazeera in Cairo tweets:

Back from Tahrir. Crowd perhaps 200,000 ... just calling the crowd estimate as I see it. Feel free to refer to multiple sources. The point is: This is bigger than anything before.

Mackey is trying to get a more accurate number and notes that while "there seems to be little doubt that Tuesday's protests have been the biggest so far, estimates of crowd sizes have varied wildly":

Organizers called for a million Egyptians to demonstrate on Tuesday and Reuters reports that they may have succeeded. A short time ago, Reuters reported: "at least one million" protesters rallied across Egypt, including "more than 200,000 people in Cairo." The news agency added that "crowds also demonstrated in Alexandria, Suez and in the Nile Delta."

(Photo: Protestors gather in Tahrir Square on February 1, 2011 in Cairo, Egypt. By Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)