Cuckoo Qaddafi

Scott Lucas awakes to find an early morning clip of the Libyan dictator on State TV, "which appeared to have no more purpose than to confirm that he was still in Libya":

It was an unusual setting, even for Qaddafi: he sat inside a "TokTok" vehicle, holding aloft a massive umbrella. The speech lasted all of 22 seconds with Qaddafi declaring, ""I am in Tripoli and not in Venezuela. Do not believe the channels belonging to stray dogs....I wanted to say something to the youths at the Green Square (in Tripoli) and stay up late with them but it started raining. Thank God, it's a good thing."

Max Read gawks at a 40-second version:

Qaddafi long ago mastered the '70s Dylan/"coked beyond belief in weird hats" look, but (besides the umbrellas) it's the shaky camerawork, authentically grainy film stock, and the long, meditative take of Qaddafi's palace that really makes this one special.

And yes, there's already a mashup.