Carnage Through The Night


by Chris Bodenner

It's 9:20 am in Cairo. EA:

1749 GMT: Leading Islamic scholar Yusuf Al Qaradawi, who has called for the Egyptian President to step down, has just said, "My final words are to Mubarak: Haram (sinful) on you to kill your people. The shepherd has become a wolf."

0228 GMT: Eye-witness, Salma Al-Tarzi from, a woman in Tahrir Square, on Al Jazeera claims that there are still women, children and elderly alongside the men in Tahrir Square amidst the anti-Mubarak protesters. She claims it is the thugs, the militias and the intelligence agency that are opening fire on protesters amidst the pro-Mubarak protesters. 

She says some people are leaving, but a lot of people are not leaving because they cannot leave at this point. She says they are using stones and sticks while they are being shot at by the thugs. She says that people are too tired to be afraid of the gunfire.

0253 GMT: Anti-Mubarak protesters have finally managed to push pro-Mubarak protesters and thugs off the 6th October Bridge from which they were shooting from the square. This means they won't have the high vantage point from which to shoot on anti-Mubarak protesters anymore.

0310 GMT: Hillary Clinton in a call to Egyptian Vice President described the shooting on democracy protesters in Tahrir Square in Cairo as 'shocking'. Gunfire continues.

0335 GMT: Another eye-witness on Al Jazeera - @Monasosh - says that democracy protesters won't leave Tahrir Square, even though they are being shot at by thugs and pro-regime men. She said, "I don't understand what more the world needs to kick Mubarak out of Egypt?!" ... She claims that they won't leave the square because they know if they leave, the regime will hunt them down one by one and kill them. She says the regime has done before and they will do it again.

Go here for footage of that interview. AJE:

8:42 am Egyptian state TV says five people were killed and more than 800 wounded overnight in Tahrir square.

8:08 am Anti-government protesters and supporters of president Mubarak continue to throw stones at each other as the sun rises above Cairo.

7:15 am The US calls on its nationals in Egypt to leave the country.

Go here for more information from the State Department. The latest from EA:

Reports that the Army is going to keep more protesters from entering Tahrir Square where democracy protesters have barricaded themselves and spend a brutal night when they were assaulted by thugs and pro-Mubarak protesters. Day light is creeping on Cairo and more democracy protesters are expected to turn up on the streets today.

(Photo: A wounded Egyptian anti-government demonstrator (R) is helped by a paramedic at Cairo's Tahrir Square where crowds have gathered for a protest calling for the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak on February 2, 2011. By Mohammed Abed/AFP/Getty Images)