Breaking: Mubarak Not Running For Reelection

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by Chris Bodenner

Just announced via Al Jazeera. Update: A few key quotes:

"I have exhausted my life serving Egypt but I am totally prepared to end my career"

"I pray to God to guide me to the successful right path to end my career in a way that is applicable to God and the people.

Update II: The massive crowd in Tahrir Square is not appeased, chanting "Leave! Leave!".  More:

2109 GMT: Al Jazeera correspondent reports protesters in Tahrir Square were heckling Mubarak speech as it was being given. Loud chanting now from the square.

2106 GMT: Mubarak reiterates he will serve out his term --- "I pray to God" to help me ensure Egyptian stability and future. And he then returns to his pride in his years of service to his "motherland" Egypt, speaking of his defence of his country. "I will die on the soil of Egypt."

Update III: The Guardian summarizes:

That was a rambling speech in which Mubarak tried to show empathy with the protesters but at the same time suggested that they have been manipulated by political forces (perhaps trying to implicate the Muslim Brotherhood, whose role has been minimal). He also had strong words for those responsible for criminal acts.

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