Breaking: Mubarak Digs In

Screen shot 2011-02-10 at 4.01.57 PM

by Chris Bodenner

Watch his address live on Al Jazeera. The Guardian's Richard Adams is blogging details:

Mubarak's not stepping down, that much seems clear, although exactly what that means with his previous statements about the army implementing change isn't clear.

Tahrir Square is going nuts, based on the live footage. ... No one in Tahrir Square is listening to the rest of the Mubarak speech. The chant is: "Get out, get out."

... A clear translation of Mubarak's words will take a while so it's hard to know exactly what Mubarak was saying. But from the reaction on the ground, it seems that these minor concessions will not be enough. There was little that was new in Mubarak's speech, and he granted some powers to Omar Suleiman, but little else and far less than many were expected. None of this meshes with the statements issued by the military leadership today: that hints at a palace civil war going on behind the scenes. ...

Mubarak says he's asked for the amendment of articles 76, 77, 88, 93 and 181 of the constitution, and abolishing the controversial article 179. Article 179 is the emergency law that has been a huge issue and a major demand of the protesters. The rest involve the powers and terms of the presidency but we'll get more details later.