Any Excuse For Torture

by Conor Friedersdorf

There's a story making the rounds about Al Qaeda gathering radioactive material in order to make dirty bombs. A reader emailed the link to The Dish with this note:

"Freight trains were found to be carrying weapons-grade nuclear material across the Kazakhstan-Russia border..."

And you think Cheney was bonkers to use torture?

Get real.

So let me get this straight. Dick Cheney pushed the American government to torture people. It did nothing to stop the particular story that concerns you. And that's a justification in your mind for the torture?

This is the sick logic of torture supporters. If there are no terrorist attacks, it means torture worked. If there is the threat of a terrorist attack, it means we need more torture. If there's a successful terrorist attack, it means we didn't torture enough.

Torture advocates are unfortunately a part of our discourse – but the folks who made it happen belong in jail.