And Where Can The Palestinians Live?

In one of the more unhinged defenses of the Israeli settlements, Jonathan Kellerman suggests that telling Jews where they can't live foreshadows another Holocaust:

The concept of Judenfrei  moving Jews out of specific areas of Europe was a bulwark of Nazi policy that rapidly devolved to the even more viciously racist notion of Judenrein, cleansing Jews from all of Europe. We all know where that led.

That appears in JPod's Commentary. Chait reponds. This, by the way, is the official position of Mike Huckabee, who just returned from Israel to attend the ceremony initiating a new settlement on the West Bank:

“To tell Jewish people, ‘You cannot live here, you cannot raise your children here,’ this is the true racism, this is apartheid.”

Huckabee's radical position on Israel - a break from the position of every US president since Reagan - is indistinguishable from that of Avigdor Lieberman, whom even Marty Peretz has called a kind of fascist. And yet Huckabee's statement drew little attention.