A Tunisian Tsunami? Ctd


The wave reaches Oman:

Protesters in Oman have set cars, homes, a police station, and a supermarket on fire in a third day of protests. Sultan Qaboos bin Said, ruler since 1970, has tried to mollify demonstrators--who are demanding more jobs--by hiring 50,000 new government employees and offering $390 a month in unemployment insurance. Qaboos has also fired six members of his cabinet, but protesters aren't satisfied and want more power in parliament, the Christian Science Monitor's Tom A. Peter reports.

Rallies were most violent Monday in the port city of Sohar, with some reports indicating police used lived ammo and as many as six deaths. Protesters blocked a road leading to the city's port, saying they want oil wealth more equitably distributed to the citizens, Reuters reports.

Enduring America is tracking today's protests.

(Photo: Omani protesters demanding jobs and reform gather at the Sohar roundabout monument during a demonstration in Sohar, more than 200 kms (125 miles) northwest of Muscat, on February 28, 2011, a day after police killed at least two as the turmoil rocking the Arab world reached the normally calm Gulf sultanate. By Karim SahibAFP/Getty Images)