by Zoe Pollock

Alissa Walker investigates the architecture designs for a new Palm Springs project:

And while catering to active older people with non-traditional draws like a "rooftop disco" -- insert visions of Cocoon in the desert --- there are some issues with designing what's essentially a theme park for gay retirees. Healthy, young tourists likely won't want to spend their vacation staying at a retirement home, even if they're welcome, and locals might not want to do their shopping at a nursing home, where extensive healthcare facilities -- however well-designed -- are so prevalent. There's also the possibility that many potential straight residents who are interested in the design won't feel comfortable in a community driven by gay culture.

Choire Sicha emphasizes the serious side:

And before we enjoy the fun architect porn, may I somberly and joylessly point out that there are huge, monster, enormous issues facing the gays, particularly those between 35 and 55? The next generation will likely have family structures not dissimilar to straight people to assist in aging issues; the previous generation often just died in silence, particularly prematurely. But what becomes of us current childless gays in our coming golden yearsparticularly the un-rich ones?

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