2,800 Computers vs Two Men, Ctd

Jim Behrle prays for a human win tonight:

It's bad enough that computers are better at everything that humans do already: mowing lawns, pleasuring women, spelling shit right, math, distributing porn, opening garage doors, killing people. Have you ever seen a Science Fiction movie in which having Computers be smarter than Humans ended up being a good thing? (Barbarella? And 2069, naturally.) Usually it's two steps to Doomsville for the Human Race after we teach the machines how to do stuff better than us. I've never understood this impulse. I don't have any (human) children. But if I ever do, why on Earth would I want them to be smarter than me? If they're smart won't they grow up to betray and abandon me? Keep 'em nice and dumb and they always come back and say "Hey, Pa. I got two quarters and three dimes, how much is that?" It's good to be needed.