"Unbearably Stupid"

by Chris Bodenner

That's what Goldblog calls a campaign by Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder to sue the Washington City Paper for publishing a comical image of him in a profile by sportswriter Dave McKenna:

The Wiesenthal Center, unbelievably, is now accusing the CIty Paper of trafficking in St101122123123 Nazi imagery! Tablet's Marc Tracy reports that the Center [on behalf of Snyder] is demanding that the City Paper "apologize for the image,  which, it accused, is 'associated with virulent anti-Semitism going back to the Middle Ages, deployed by the genocidal Nazi regime, by Soviet propagandists, and even in 2011 by those who still seek to demonize Jews.'"

Tracy goes on to write, "So, to be clear: WCP at most implicitly trafficked in anti-Semitic tropes--a breathtakingly dumb allegation, but that is the Center's allegation; the Center, by contrast, explicitly--not allegedly, but indisputably--associated a small alternative newspaper with 'the genocidal Nazi regime.' Nice."