"Tonight Was The Battle Of Tahrir, And The Protesters Won"

by Chris Bodenner

Al Jazeera correspondent Evan Hill had some of the most compelling coverage of the fighting on Wednesday. Here are a compilation of his latest tweets, in rough chronological order:

A crowd on top of the 6th of October overpass has stayed since the pro-Mubarak lines broke and is throwing molotovs at the Tahrir protesters

Every so often a car pulls up on top of the overpass and appears to deliver molotov cocktails to the pro-Mubarak supporters.

If protesters hold on, they've maintained the most important symbol of their movement. As long as they're in Tahrir you can't ignore them.

Inside kasr al nil [bridge]: a stockpile of rocks, seems like half of the ppl have bandages here

The whole road leading into tahrir from the bridge has been turned into a stockpile of rocks. Boss yells: come to the front!

I'm about 100 meters behind the front line and the sounds from ahead are like a premodern war, constant banging and shouting

The rain of rocks back and forth at the museum is constant, most coming from the protesters. The background drum beat on metal never stopsĀ 

Right at the barricade now, men in headwraps just sling rocks over the top without knowing what they'll hit

Map of tahrir

Automatic heavy caliber gunfire 75 meters or so away, army likely keeping people at bay. So much gunfire

There's a line of skirmishers in front of me throwing rocks with little cover, but the pro mubarak crowd is really thin

Someone here just landed a molotov on the overpass and a big cheer went up

Anti govt supporters are advancing from here, they've taken the bridge

Just saw two protesters being taken away, one was shot in the head, doctor said by pro mubarak demonstaters

Victorious anti government protesters begin washing pro mubarak graffiti off the statues in the former no mans land

Anti govt protesters just dragged one or two guys inside the barricade, made me walk away when I started taking pictures

Made it back safe. Soldier tried to confiscate my camera. I convinced him to just take the battery, and the memory was hidden.

I am going to be busy filing and uploading, but suffice to say tonight was the Battle of Tahrir, and the protesters won. Cairo is changed.

(Video shot by Evan Hill. Map of the battleground via weddady)