"The Obama Regime"

Ed brotherhood

Perhaps the most disgusting commentary yet uttered about the protests in Madison is a monologue comparing Wisconsin teachers to foreign Islamists:

So we're asking ourselves, "Will the Muslim Brotherhood take over Egypt?" and in America we're asking, "Will the Education Brotherhood take over Wisconsin?"  Check the news, folks, because they're sure trying. The Education Brotherhood, which is a branch of the Government Unions Brotherhood, has already shut down public schools for how many days is it now?  Three days?  Three or four days? No end in sight, and yet all they really care about is "the children."  That's all they care about, children.  They shut down the schools. They are robbing inner-city kids of precious schooldays that would help make America more competitive...

You know, it's hard to tell how much the Muslim Brotherhood frightens liberals, but we know that the Education Brotherhood has scared the heck out of liberal Wisconsin state senators.  We know that for sure.  We know that the Education Brotherhood has got these state senators cowed.  They ran. They fled for the border.

That's Rush Limbaugh, the most popular voice in the conservative movement.