"Stupak On Steroids" Ctd

by Zoe Pollock

Pema Levy reacts to the House's attempt to cut all funding for Title X, which provides basic care, including cancer screenings and birth control, to low-income women:

I also think this is a trap, so that Democrats will bargain away family-planning funding to Planned Parenthood in an effort to save Title X. So rather than get Pence's bill through the Senate, a pretty impossible task, they distract Democrats by threatening to throw all poor women under the bus. It's a good strategy; Democrats will be so grateful to keep Title X, they'll be happy to cut off the millions of women who get basic care at Planned Parenthood every year.

KJ Dell'Antonia takes the long view:

It's enough to make one suspect that the real target isn't just abortion providers, but family planning and all reproductive choices. That's completely out of step with the views of most Americans regardless of political beliefs. Four out of five Republicans and eight in 10 self-identified "pro-lifers" support women's access to contraception and 86 percent of voters support government health programs that fund state and local family planning agencies that provide that access to low-income women. In many communities, that is Planned Parenthood. But if voters don't wake up to the implications of Rep. Pence's bill, not for long.