"Qaddafi is coming down, he is coming down, he is coming down.” Ctd


And coming down ugly:

Salem Gnan, a London-based spokesman for the National Front for the Salvation of Libya, says eyewitnesses in Tripoli have told him the navy has opened fire on parts of the capital.

We have just heard that the military ships are bombing an area in Tripoli and many people have been killed although we don't know how many at the moment because people have just called to tell us it is happening.

Gnan said the navy appeared to be bombing a residential area outside the city centre as part of a desperate crackdown by Gaddafi's troops.

He is even turning the ships on his people now. His plan is to use absolutely everything he can to stop what is happening.

Gnan said he had had also had reports of ongoing shooting around Gaddafi's residence in Tripoli and said more people were taking to the capital's streets as darkness fell.

"This is going on because if it stops that means it is finished. This will be the last act."

Video from Misrata, not far from Tripoli, last night, via AJE:

The NYT reports that that ghastly rant by Saif Qaddafi might have been the last straw:

Witnesses in Tripoli interviewed by telephone on Monday said protesters had converged on the capital’s central Green Square and clashed with heavily armed riot police for several hours after Mr. Qaddafi’s speech, apparently enraged by it. Young men armed themselves with chains around their knuckles, steel pipes and machetes, as well as police batons, helmets and rifles commandeered from riot squads. Security forces moved in, shooting randomly.

It looks to me as if this is all but over. Ambassadors abroad are resigning right and left. There are no signs of the regime's authority in the capital, except a few pockets of troops loyal to Qaddafi. Amazing. Look at the map. From Tunisia through Libya to Egypt and Bahrain, regime change has come from below in just a few weeks. Now wonder the King of Jordan is getting a little jumpy.

Can you imagine the mood among the Saudi dictators right now?

(Photo by Mark Renders/Getty Images)