"Politically Correct" On Egypt

by Patrick Appel

Massie asks "what's politically correct about opposing Hosni Mubarak?":

Disparaging those who disagree with you as "politically correct" isn't an argument, it's a way of avoiding argument. Look at me, it says, and see how brave I am to stand alone against the tide. Here I must stand for I can do no other. Unlike the soft-headed simpletons who prefersome sort of lemming-like approach that makes them feel warm and fuzzy. Alternatively, perhaps "politically correct" is just another word for fashionable these days.

Anyway. Granted, Con [Coughlin] worries about the impact on Israel of regime change in Cairo. But almost no-one encouraged by this week's events believes that all will be plain-sailing on that front. Of course there are many difficulties and even more imponderables ahead. The alternative, however, or one of the alternatives, is endorsing a status quo that has manifestly failed. That's not a workable option.