"Nobody Gives A Fuck About Us"


Sarah A. Topol reports on Pakistani drivers who ferry supplies and fuel to troops in Afghanistan:

Men who risk their lives on the perilous roads from Karachi to Kabul or Kandahar are caught in a tangle of poverty, rhetoric, and the imminent threat of death. ... Each year has become more terrifying than the last, Dilshad tells me. Last month, a friend of his was killed when the Taliban set his truck ablaze on the Pakistani side of the route. On Feb. 7, gunmen torched five trucks. On Jan. 30, three trucks were attacked. On Jan. 21, three separate attacks in Pakistan left three trucks torched and one driver shot. On Jan. 19, Pakistan's local press reported the bodies of three kidnapped drivers were found peppered with bullets. Everyone gathered here has at least one tale of surviving a brush with death.

(Photo: Pakistani drivers sit on a burnt out NATO supply oil tanker the morning after an attack on the outskirts of Islamabad on October 4, 2010. By Aamir Qureshi/AFP/Getty Images)