“Independence! Freedom! Iranian Republic!”

Earlier Dish round-up here. An Iranian protester talks to Tehran Bureau:

The number of demonstrators was about the same as Feb 14, but scattered across two axes instead of one (which was the case with Feb 14). Violence by the security forces was significantly lower than Feb 14, although their numbers were much much more (the whole city was virtually turned into a military fort). Demonstrators were mostly walking in silence, except when attacked by the security forces.

Hamid Farokhina also describes the scene in Tehran today:

Many of the security personnel wore masks to conceal their identities, as was also true on Monday. In last year's protests, only a handful of these men wore masks. Today, most of the Basij and Intelliegence Ministry personnel did so. Even some of the regular NAJA cops, whom many people regard as civil servants with batons, were wearing masks. Some Basijis were wearing ski masks that gave them a seriocomic look, especially when they were seen eating snacks with their masks on.

Tehran Bureau again:

[W]e described the measures being taken by the regime to isolate Mir Hossein Mousavi and his wife, Dr. Zahra Rahnavard, including the erection of a large metal wall blocking the entryway to their house. Here's a video, allegedly of that new wall (the extreme slant of the image suggests the videographer's efforts to conceal the camera)

Iran News Now:

It is safe to say that today, people in Iran once again showed tremendous bravery by being out in the streets to have their voices heard. It is also clear that Ahmadinejad is no longer the story. In fact, I don’t actually recall seeing any videos with anyone chanting against him. What we have definitely seen is people asking for a wholesale change in the regime with chants of “Death to Khemenei” and “Independence! Freedom! Iranian Republic!”. It would appear that the people have moved in front of the leaders of the opposition Green Movement–virtually all of which are either in jail or under house arrest.


Mardomak reports that the signature calls of defiance, Allahu Akbar (God is Great), could be heard in sections of Tehran this evening.

(Dave Siavashi of Iran News Now translates the above video: Chants of “Independence! Freedom! Iranian Republic!” and “Revolution! Freedom! Protest! Freedom!)