"Allah help me"

Twitter user Abukhit is trapped in his house in Tripoli:

ohhhhh my god 2 pepole where hoted in the head god help us ... i couldnt stay in the street after one head shot in a person infront of me that was bad really bad ... i couldn't upload the video a need more time to calm down after what i saw ... bomb guys i heard bomb alot of gun shot please help ... a gun shot on my house ... this pic inside my house ... one of the people had AK47 and shoot back the merciners i think one of them is down ...( in front of my eyes ) ... guys i'm keeping my self in safe area ... and if i died i don't care i did my prayer ... i see guns with people .... shots r everywhere ... i'll send the video and allah be with me

View the video here. Check his constant updates here.

(Hat tip: AJE)