You Can't Handle The Truthiness

by Conor Friedersdorf

Says Roger Ailes:

Tell me who you want to see on the left and I'll hire them. If you give me a big name that's out there, that's floating around and wants work, I'd be happy to hire them. We have Ed Rendell, I mean he was the head of the Democratic party. He's on twice a week. You can't get any bigger than that. I go for people who will get ratings, but I'd be happy to put a bigger name Democrat on if you've got one. Now that probably surprises you and won't get into the story, but it's true. I want people who have marquee value.

I don't even need Ailes to hire anyone – just commit to rebroadcasting the Jon Stewart or Steven Colbert clip of my choice once a week. I suppose if it must be the hire of an on air personality I'd draft Glenn Greenwald.