Yglesias Award Nominee

"She quit. Say what you want, for all his supposed faults and perhaps mis-steps, former president Bush never quit on Iraq, Afghanistan, or the war against terror, though he could have easily rationalized the decision given the political realities. Whether Palin quit because she marches to a different drum, or not, the fact remains, she left the field of battle of her own accord. A state governorship is too important a position to permit one to do that and dismiss it because the opposition was simply so outrageous. ... I believe she is a fine person with much to give to and do for America and conservatism. But I hope it isn't about running for president in 2012. I simply can't judge her ready for that given everything we've seen. I wish it were possible to reach a different conclusion. Unfortunately, right now I can't," - extreme right blogger, Dan Riehl.