Yglesias Award Nominee

"You would have thought that some of the brighter minds in the Republican Party would have realized that the voters didn't vote FOR them ... they voted AGAINST Democrats. This "Hey! How cool are we!" stuff is going to get tiring. This John Boehner guy? Still not sure about him. As Andrew C. McCarthy pointed out in this column, Boehner wrote an op-ed for The Wall Street journal about the election and opportunities for Republicans and didn't once use the word "debt" in that article ... Boehner focused in that article on earmarks. Earmarks account for less than one percent of our budget. Hey, Boehner ... how about a little focus on the REAL problems out there?

We need to ride the Republicans even harder than we did the Democrats. With the Democrats there were alternatives. If the Republicans start enjoying their power a bit too much, and forget why they were put back in charge of the House ... then where do we turn? And the GOP social conservatives? Concentrate, for a while, on how you live your own lives. Nobody is going to force you to have an abortion. Nobody is going to force you to marry someone of your sex. Nobody is going to coerce you into a homosexual act. And you can still pray whenever and wherever you want. Getting back on those tired rants isn't going to save our country .. it will serve, instead, to deliver us right back into the hands of those who want to destroy - or "fundamentally transform" - America," - Neal Boortz, libertarian talk radio host.

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At some point, the rhetoric of the campaign is going to haunt Boehner and even DeMint. If they have nothing to offer on debt and deficits than what they are currently saying - discretionary spending freezes and an end to health insurance reofrm that actually cuts Medicare -  their base should make a noise. And I sure hope they do.

It's funny how I'm now egging some in the Tea Party on in their bid to force the GOP to tackle entitlements, defense spending and the debt. My problem is not with dealing with the debt; it is the transparent fraudulence of the GOP's alleged concern about it, and lack of any serious plans to do anything. All they want to do is destroy Obama. And at some point, the Tea Partiers will find that as nauseatingly cynical as I do.