Who's Looting, And Why? Ctd

by Chris Bodenner

The latest from the Guardian:

Peter Bouckaert from Human Rights Watch is blogging from Alexandria, and has some updates on looting and the formation of neighbourhood committees:

Every street has men armed with sticks and knives to protect their shops and homes. They told us to stay out of poorer neighborhoods because security is very bad, lots of looting. Egyptians keep telling us they want to determine their own future, not one imposed by other countries, very much like Tunisia.

Reports that large numbers of criminals escaped or were released in Alexandria during unrest, adding to looting and criminality.

Just got a call from a Popular Committee member in Sidi Basr neighborhood of Alexandria to say looting is going down because of Popular Committee members defending neighborhoods.


2045 GMT: Reports come in from various sources of mosques urging area youth to help secure neighbourhoods. One mosque has announced the emergency phone number 0104888848 for assistance.