Today's Toll


by Chris Bodenner

Early figures via EA:

1940 GMT: Al Jazeera English reporter just confirmed that there have been at least 5 people have been killed in Suez. That plus the one death in Egypt brings the total number of deaths in the protests today to six. 

1936 GMT: We are only now getting a good picture of how many people have been injured. Reports suggest hundreds of people have sustaiend wounds during clashes with security forces and as clashes continue, the numbers are likely to rise. Al Jazeera English just reported that hospitals in the country have been overwhelmed by the number of injured.

(Photo of an injured boy overcome by tear gas captured by Sarah Carr. See more of her amazing shots on Flickr.) Update:

2039 GMT: Al Jazeera is updating that 11 people have been killed in Suez today. Among 150 injured, 20 are in critical condition.

Update II:

Reuters are reporting that "Egyptian medical sources" estimate there have been 1,030 people wounded today in today's protests.