Today In Andrew Breitbart Publishing

by Conor Friedersdorf

– At Big Peace, Ben Barrack lays out the Truther case that the Bush Administration was in on the 9/11 attacks – after explaining why conspiracy theorists believe that GWB was complicit, he explains that the real conspiracy that day involved Muslims infiltrating the United States in large part thanks to Grover Norquist.

– At Big Hollywood, we're informed that failing to defend Rush Limbaugh when he is accused of racism is analogous to appeasing Nazis:

The politically correct chickens are coming home to roost in the Orwellian world of the organized left’s free-expression-stifling speech codes. To paraphrase Martin Niemöller’s famous admonition about complacency with totalitarian fascists:  “First they came for Rush Limbaugh and called his satire racist, and I didn’t speak out because Rush Limbaugh is a conservative.  Then they came for Dr. Laura and called her commentary racist, and I didn’t speak out because Dr. Laura is a conservative…”

All this by way of reporting that high school students will be allowed to use the n-word in a school play despite their superintendent's objections.

– Over at Big Government, James M. Simpson explains that a "globalist totalitarian dictatorship" is "invading a town near you." And with what weapon will these tyrants make you subservient to their  regime?

To promote their socialist nightmare, Marxists must use deceptive language and tactics. In “Sustainable Development” they have found a magic mantra. It has allowed them to insinuate all their socialist fantasies into our legal code, under our noses, with little or no fanfare, scant public debate and graveyard noises from our treacherously AWOL mass media, right down to the local level – with our permission.

So beware the forces of sustainable development.

I've merely linked, excerpted and fairly summarized three posts at three different Breitbart sites. If he reads this post, and concludes that it's a net negative for his pubishing empire, he might consider why that is so.