The Weekly Wrap

Today on the Dish we watched Viacom continue to scrub away any semblance of Muhammed from South Park. Bloggers rallied around Matt and Trey here, here, here, and here. A reader dissented.

In response to Brooks' column, Andrew composed a thorough defense of conservatism and Obama. Reader feedback here. Johann Hari assessed the latest British debate, Charles Moore relayed Clegg's success, Christopher Montgomery sized up Cameron's central mistake, and Jonathan Freedland saw Brown fall by the wayside. Comprehensive round-up of commentary here.

Sarah Palin lied again, Ambinder reported the latest on DADT, and Freddie Deboer and Jonathan Bernstein sounded off on the Levin-Manzi spat. More discussion on DC statehood here and here, and clone discussion here and here.


Thursday on the Dish, Andrew live-blogged the second debate of the British election. Reax here. Insta-polling here and pre-debate primer here. Prior to the debate, the Tory tabloids trashed Clegg, Twitter rallied around Nick, Lord Mandelson sucked up to him, and Andrew assessed it all. Overall update here.

Andrew cheered on South Park and gave the finger to Viacom over the Muhammad episodes. Matt and Trey clarified the situation.

Matt Steinglass, Daniel Indiviglio, Ezra Klein, and Jon Chait covered financial reform. The Dish started a debate over DC statehood, a reader sounded off on athlete brains, another dissented over Andrew's dissing of Texas, and our clone discussion continued. A Philly politician outed a candidate as straight, Levin called Manzi as zealot, Douthat wanted to laugh it off, and Kottke highlighted a fascinating profile of human endurance. A cool ad here and a final batch of remixes here.

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Delorean - Stay Close (HD) from Weird Days on Vimeo.

Wednesday on the Dish we took a comprehensive look at the British election. The Lib-Dems continued to surge, Cameron's message continued to flounder, the Tories threw some red meat to their base, and Nile Gardiner conveyed Clegg's critical views of Israel. Carnival-like antics here, here, and here.

Julian Sanchez chastised the White House over the Kagan rumors while Andrew addressed the growing campaign against the sexuality of Butters Lindsey Graham. Andrew also called out Mitch McConnell's big lie over financial reform. China followed the US in ending its HIV travel ban. Volcano updates here and here

Sullivan kept on Palin, a reader got his back, Anne Kornblut revealed new info involving Trig, and Allahpundit was still high on the idea of Sarah backing pot.

In assorted coverage, Derek Thompson studied the numbers on unemployment insurance and part-time employment, Aaron David Miller deemed the dreams of an American brokered Israeli-Palestinian peace a dogma, TNC turned his attention to the tea-partiers and race, Howard French examined Chinese imperialism in Africa, Carl Zimmer poked at the brains of athletes, and Bryan Caplan prayed for a clone.

Epistemic closure updates from Manzi and Larison. More on women in the workplace here. John Meroney featured fascinating new footage of James Dean and The Gipper, Chris Orr commented, and Gawker dug into Mickey's past. Awesomely-bad book covers here and cool ad here.


Pont-à-Mousson, France, 3.57 pm

Tuesday on the Dish, the president got heckled for the delay on DADT. Over in the UK, polling continued to plague the Tories and we continued to shine a spotlight on Clegg here, here, and here. Andrew elucidated more on class warfare and Douthat worried about the implications of the election on the American right. In Vatican watch, a whistleblower priest recanted and sex scandals continued to spread across the globe.

In various other coverage, David Freed profiled the guy wrongly pegged as the anthrax killer, Drezner doubted Obama's soft power, Laura Rozen examined the Gates memo on Iran, Ambinder figured subsidies might stem obesity, Manzi took on K-thug over climate change, Eric Barker studied virgins, Andrew checked in on the success of the surge, and readers revolted over his post on Epicurus.

Islamists had a hissy fit over South Park (not) showing Muhammed, and a reader followed up. Info on the Eyjafjallajökull's economic impact here and here. Hot lava action here. Big Palin update here and a dose of David Foster Wallace here. Readers sent in a flurry of rap and rock remixes, a diver romped with an octopus, and an ibex scratched his butt.

In honor of 4/20, Reason made the case for legalization, a working mom came out of the cannabis closet, Marie Myung-Ok Lee talked about treating her autistic son, Lebowski tried to get his carpet back using a paper clip, and we played a classic toker song. Also, I thought this window resembled some nugs.

Monday on the Dish, Andrew continued to seize upon new improprieties within the Catholic hierarchy. He also turned the klieg lights on John Paul II and featured a scene from Benedict's visit to Malta. Commentary from Hertzberg and Savage.

In election coverage, polls put Labour in third, Clegg continued to glow in the media, and an eccentric candidate challenged Cameron. Dominic Lawson explained the class factor, we heard from a disgruntled Tory, and a reader in Scotland dissented.

While the world liked us more and more, Americans hated on Americans. Eyjafjallajökull coverage here. Get your Palin fix here, here, and here. Greenwald and Balko tag-teamed the administration over whistle blowers, Ryan Avent concentrated on financial reform, and Drum pushed back against Andrew's swipe at "well-meaning liberals." And we spotlighted a depressing story of gay persecution.

In assorted commentary, Juan Cole talked terrorist HR, Adam Serwer pushed for inmate suffrage, Scott Adams sized up sex addiction, and Alex Tabarrok illustrated how freakishly fat we've become. The latest Dish coverage of circumcision here. Malkin award here, Hewitt here, and Moore here. Cool ad here and cool face here.

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