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Today on the Dish, Andrew chewed up Noonan over Obama's response to the spill, Larison seconded, and a reader dissented. Netanyahu gloated over showing up the president, Beinart and Eli Lake discussed settlements, Ron Radosh called the former a commie, and the alleged commie tussled with Foxman. Readers rushed to McGinniss' side, Crowley kicked him in the shin, and Andrew kicked back.

In assorted coverage, Horton kept the heat on the administration, Ackerman saw the bright side of drones, Serwer piled on McCarthy, Friedersdorf sympathized with libertarians, Joe Klein supported a mosque near ground zero, TNC shared some wisdom on journalism, CNN rolled in dough, and Felix Salmon talked internet money. Recession view here.

Aquatic pig coverage piled up here, here, here, and here. Andrew was forced to imagine Bubba in a wet suit. More 24 here and here. Cool app here and two feel-good videos here.


Thursday on the Dish, the House voted to end DADT and a key Senate committee did as well. Joyner questioned the public opposition to it, lesbians harmed by the policy told their stories here and here, and we glanced at the dregs of the debate here and here. The oil leak appeared to be plugged, bloggers debated its similarity to Katrina, more images of the damage emerged, and we looked back at another big spill in the Gulf. The Dish also did due diligence on the Korean crisis.

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In Palin coverage, she erected a fence to fend off McGinniss but not convicted criminals, Jack Shafer shielded the journalist, Kate Pickert partially backed Palin, and readers more so. Bernstein insisted on scrutinizing her, Timothy Egan pwned her, Ben Smith reported more juicy details, a reader requested a view from McGinniss' window, Andrew doubted Bristol, and Pareene put it best.

Rand Paul updates here and here. Noah Millman queried the paleocons, Douthat doubted their relevance, Wehner marveled at the lack of crime, Massie covered Clegg, and Friedersdorf manhandled McCarthy. More on the Israel debate here.

Critical Ralph updates here and here. Kaus campaign coverage here. Recession view from a reader here. Early Christian discussion here and Robert Frost in the Atlantic here. More on 24 here and here. Beard-blogging here and metrosexual-blogging here and here.


(By Saeed Khan/AFP/Getty Images)

Wednesday on the Dish, BP was compelled to stream footage of the "top kill," bloggers vented over the dire situation in the Gulf, and John Hudson shone a spotlight on the seediness of regulators. Senator Nelson gave his go-ahead on DADT, Gates sounded circumspect, readers gave their thoughts on the surge of support from Obama, Ben Smith relayed some intriguing details, and Steinglass called out homophobia-phobia.

In other news, McChrystal made Afghanistan sound even worse and Obama revived the line-item veto. Stimulus updates here and here. In Palin coverage, Weigel unloaded on her targeting of McGinniss and readers differed over her interpretation of the Frost poem. More Palin crack here and here. Premium coverage of Ralph the Swimming Pig here, here, and here. Home news here.

Andrew and Chait went another round over Zionism, we spotted an unsettling bit of news out of the West Bank, and we posted a follow-up on that disturbing photo of the taunted Palestinian woman. Horton turned up the heat on the administration over detainees, Scott Morgan divined the their response to legalization in California, Douthat dumped on the paleocons, and Balko bowed before vending machines.

Christ conversation continued here. More discussion of DC here and especially here. Creepy ad here, Malkin Award here, Saddam-sodomy blogging here, and Bruni-sodomy blogging here. Idol-blogging here and 24-blogging here. Especially lovely window here and especially fucked-up face here.


Pau, France, 2.40 pm

Tuesday on the Dish, Andrew was cautiously optimistic about the dramatic developments over DADT and wondered why Obama seemed to shift all of a sudden (clues here and here). Fallows also weighed in. Meanwhile, support for ending the ban was as popular as ever - as was acceptance of gay and lesbian couples.

In spill coverage, BP will try to plug the leak, ABC looked down below, Elizabeth Kolbert glanced at our oil future, readers wrung their hands over Obama's response to the crisis, and we worried about hurricane season. In Palin coverage, Joe McGinniss got a little too close, she responded with another flub, Andrew Sprung tried to make sense of her latest narrative on Obama, and Wendy Kaminer wondered how the Kagan response would be different if she looked more like Palin. In other news, the Church kept misleading its followers over HCR, Julian Glover reviewed the Queen's speech, and a plunge in the stock market popped back up.

In other coverage, Jonah Lehrer gave props to parenting and Tablet and Beinart tried to talk to their kids about Zionism. More discussion of Christianity here and here. Conor-led DC talk here and here (bonus suburbia here). Malkin Award here, creepy ad here, Lost's many jumping sharks here, crappy old postcards here, and butched-up rainbows here.

Monday on the Dish, Pelosi got bolder over ending DADT, we checked in on the size of the oil spill, and Andrew let out a great lament. He also took another long look at the Beinart-led debate on Israel.  In the wake of Rand Paul bailing on Meet the Press, Ambers thought he will weather the storm, several bloggers assessed his libertarian cred on foreign policy, Julian Sanchez addressed the conflict between his idealism and the real world, TNC examined the racist baggage plaguing many libertarians, and a reader wrung his hands over the media's treatment of Rand.

In other coverage, a Republican won the seat of Obama's birthplace, Ricks relayed a daunting report on getting stuck in Afghanistan, and a new twist on the Malawi couple surfaced. Palin told another pernicious lie, a former conservative pointed his finger at her, even Pete Wehner couldn't defend her, and Todd, as it turns out, appeared to make most of the decisions.

Bruce Bartlett predicted a political storm over Medicare and slapped conservatives over military spending. John Seabrook sang the praises of adoption while a few readers took exception. More on the origins of Jesus Christ here and here, More on the essence of hippies here.  A video version of the Hewitt Award here, a kick-ass nature clip here, and a cool ad for the World Cup here.

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