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Today on the Dish, Andrew laid into the MSM for missing the McChrystal story. Freelancer Michael Hastings and Jon Stewart did the same. Andrew also clarified his point about the indefinite occupation of Afghanistan and a reader got his back. Additional Afghan coverage here, here, and here.

In other media news, Weigel was outed by someone on JournoList and summarily ousted from the WaPo. Julian Sanchez and Phil Klein came to his defense. Goldblog went on the offensive and soon retreated, but not before Friedersdorf pushed back. Klein killed JournoList. In other news, the globe warmed at a worrying rate, a dude on the beach chronicled the tar balls, Van Susteren caved to McCain, and more of Palin's dirty work surfaced. She also saw the president as Hitler.

In assorted commentary, Geoffrey Aronson looked back at the punishment of Gazans, Daniel Berman penned a postmortem on the Australian PM, Bruce Bartlett missed H.W. on deficits, Kinsley vented, and Felix Salmon questioned parking space. A reader sounded off on South Park machismo and another defended soldiers on the same.

Our continuing coverage of animal masturbation here. Malkin Awards here and here. Colbert bait here and hilariously creepy ad here. MHB here, VFYW here, and FOTD here.

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Andrew wrote a Valentine to Dish readers.


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Thursday on the Dish, Andrew continued to wring his hands over the post-McChrystal situation in Afghanistan. He also sparred with a dissenting reader. More analysis from Fred Kaplan, Reihan, and two readers in the military. In other news, police raided an archbishop's home, polls showed that the American public is divided over the flotilla, KIPP charter schools saw some success, and Conan got the last laugh. Team USA update here and coverage of the North Koreans here, here, and here.

In assorted commentary, Josh Green found that Americans actually want an angry black man to lead, Dylan Matthews assailed agricultural subsidies, Tom Schaller laid out the demographic crisis for the GOP, Karl Smith added on, Mark Oppenheimer opined on debate team, and Drezner dreamed of zombies. Zach Anner made a push to become the first major host with palsy. A reader contributed a recession view, another shared a story about real-life Team America, and another talked Marty McFly and hoverboards.

Bristol earned some hathos here, gay/guido coverage here, and beard-blogging here. More viral vids here and here. An especially good MHB here, VFYW here, and FOTD here. And what everyone was surely waiting for: an update on animal masturbation.

Wednesday on the Dish, the president removed General McChrystal but not COIN. Reax here. Andrew's take here. Pre-announcement analysis here, here, here, here, and here. Beinart examined the MacArthur analogy. The Rolling Stone reporter responsible for it all shared the secret of his craft.

In other news, Australia selected its first female PM, the Bartonites dug in, and we provided polling on Obama here, here, and here. Team America kicked ass at the last minute to keep the dream alive. Other Cup coverage here and here.

In assorted commentary, three bloggers from the Dish stable debated the power of the presidency, DiA doubted that citizens change their minds based on reason, Bernstein didn't relent over criticizing tea-partiers, and Balko kept up his campaign against canine-killing cops. Vaughan Bell relayed some fascinating trends among the divorced, Bundled showed how much we spend on gas, Jonah Lehrer explained why computers suck at Jeopardy!, Drum joined the discussion on kid flicks, and Andrew overshared over animal masturbation. A reader watched a goat get off, others extended the public execution thread, and another sent in a stirring video of dancing with cancer.

Derbyshire served up some more racism while Steyn contributed some cant. MSM bashing here and here, great acts of journalism here, and dissent of the day here. Recession views here. Colbert bait here and badass Palin bait here. More ex-gay hilarity here. MHB here, VFYW here, and FOTD here.


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Tuesday on the Dish, General McChrystal's comments created a firestorm in the blogosphere. Even Kristol felt he should resign. Andrew's take here and here. Stephen Biddle looked on the bright side of Afghanistan and the Texas GOP went off the deep end. BP took its PR to Twitter, the Big Picture took stock of the spill, and another worst case scenario emerged. We chronicled another odd lie.

In assorted coverage, Saletan studied the blood ban for gays, Adam Serwer antagonized the GOP over Faisal Shahzad's guilty plea, Plumer preferred climate change legislation over EPA intervention, Chris Good looked ahead on Prop 8, Steinglass suggested decriminalization over legalization, and Friedersdorf praised Continetti for having the courage to say that Roosevelt wasn't a fascist dictator.

In other commentary, Jonah Lehrer disagreed with Clay Shirky over cultural consumption, Steven Zeitchik noted a surge of kid movies, a Dish reader cheered them on, and cancer survivor Ananda Shankar Jayant shared her love for dancing. Readers continued the discussion on public executions and others contributed to the fall of the fourth estate. Seth Masket wondered why the right hates soccer. Incredible goal here.

Von Hoffman award here and cool ad here. Ex-gay hathos here, Haggard's tweets here, and Colbert bait here. MHB here, VFYW here, and FOTD here. The latest winner of the VFYW contest here.

Monday on the Dish, we passed along BP's latest duplicity on the extent of the leak, processed the easing of the Gaza blockade, spotlighted the latest evils to emerge over Maciel, and blogged the tweeting of an execution in Utah. The new coalition in Britain laid out its views on gay equality while Kagan stiffed gay rights. A view of the violence in Afghanistan here.

BP also burned turtles alive. Michael Barone backed Barton and Reihan did as well (but soon followed up). Crist could be coming back from the political dead because of "Drill Baby Drill". Palin wanted to pray the leak away.

Chait pushed for the EPA to bypass Congress on climate change and worried about Sharron Angle. Frum predicted that the Tea Pary will lose the GOP seats, Ariel Levy put her money on Huckabee in '12, and Larison poured cold water on Palin's chances. Kinsley criticized Krugman over the debt. Friedersdorf blegged over what could replace local newspapers and a reader responded.

In other commentary, Steven Berlin Johnson critiqued Nick Carr's new book, Evgeny Morozov went toe-to-toe with Clay Shirky over his new book, Shirky sounded off on the publishing industry, Wilkinson countered Bryan Caplan over having lots of kids, and Dreher felt sorry for child geniuses.

World Cup crack here and here. Uber pwnage of a politician here, delicious unicorns here, and Bieber-looking lesbian coverage here. MHB here, VFYW here, and FOTD here. Andrew gave Hildog some love.

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