The Right's Limbaugh Problem


Yes, that's the billboard for Limbaugh's show in Tucson. But no, the mainstream right does not have a problem with glorifying violence, does it? My view is that until someone senior in the GOP takes Limbaugh on, his racist, bigoted, polarizing extremism will rightly define the GOP. I'm so sick of the cowardice:

"I've always said that no radio show built on hate could ever survive ... There has been a radio network pop up that tried the exact opposite, say whatever you have to say, outrageous as it can be, whether you believe it or not, filled with disgusting hate.  It was called Air America, and look how long it lasted.  I mean even liberals who share the same hateful points of view did not find it worth listening to because they weren't hearing anything different than what they saw and experienced during their humdrum daily lives."