The Redwoods Of Humboldt

A reader writes:

Just a thank you for posting the Mental Health Break, "Growing is Forever."  Those redwood groves are where I grew up.  I spent endless hours as a child exploring them, crawling inside the hollow trunks of fallen giants, catching salamanders and chewing the sweet stems of the sorrel that grow at the base of these trees.  (Redwood sorrel is the shamrock-y looking stuff you see at about one minute in.)  I was a boy scout in Humboldt County, where this video was shot, and we camped in those damp groves, and our fathers and older brothers went into the forests to cut them down, or to the mills to turn them into lumber or pulp.  Fortunately, some of the groves have been saved, and if you are lucky one day you will find yourself in one.  If you are really lucky, it will be a quiet, foggy day and you will be alone in the grove, and you will notice how soft is the carpet of rust red needles the trees have shed over years and years and you will lie supine and gaze up through the mist and be amazed.

Humboldt is also known for another kind of greenery. On a post-Christmas note, one of my unexpected pleasures was the new BBC/Discovery Life documentary series. Even Oprah's narration didn't irritate. The episode on plant life was mind-blowing - a near miraculous fusion of HD and stop-motion.