The Palin Model, Ctd

Benen puts Palin's video in context:

It's a standard tactic -- the right-wing media personality can't subject herself to questions or muster the confidence to deal with cross-examinations, so to communicate, Palin's forced to hide behind statements others write for her, and then upload them. It's not exactly the stuff Profiles in Courage are made of.

And so the obvious central question that needs to be asked - "Even though you bear no responsibility for this murder, do you now regret putting metaphorical cross-hairs over Giffords' district and name?" - is not asked. One of the more troubling aspects of the Palin phenomenon is its abdication of any actual adult responsibility or accountability. The press allowed this to happen in the 2008 campaign when they never united to demand an unscripted press conference. Now they are reduced to embedding Vimeo videos.