The Mounting Toll

by Chris Bodenner


2010 GMT: Egyptian officials say 62 people have been killed and 2000 injured in the last two days. Al Jazeera, from medical sources, reports 99 dead in the cities of Alexandria, Suez, and Cairo alone

Is there a Dish reader who can translate the above video for us? Update: one delivers:

Shot Boy: The Army entered and shot us.  They said we were being disruptive, but we were not; we were quiet.  They shot at us with live bullets and rubber bullets.  They were a lot of dead people and hurt people.  I feel for them.

Voice behind Cam: All in the last few hours?

Shot Boy: Yes, all in the last few hours.

Voice: But we saw people happy and dancing on Army vehicles.

Shot Boy: They were, and when they went inside the shooting started.  They’d go in and out and shoot at us.

Then they say goodbye and the interview ends.