The Market For Palin Hate? Ctd

by Patrick Appel

A reader writes:

I'm getting fed up with the Douthats of this world and the entire Republican party's attempts to blame the insidious Palin presence on the liberals coverage of her. (I'm an Independent by the way.) Its strictly Rove 101: Accuse the other side of doing what your yourself are guilty of.

For if he accuses the other side of "pandering to the millions of Americans for whom she’s become a hate figure, and who are always eager to be confirmed in that hatred." he might spare us the smug and keep in mind this little fact: She is there because the Republicans pandered to millions of Americans in inflicting this hateful figure on the country and were always eager to have her confirmed as a serious political figure by thrusting her into America's face every chance they had.

Now they own her. Because she's not going away. Which is what is at the root of this. She's become embarrassing, and she threatens to embarrass them still further. They want her ignored and they want to blame the other side for not ignoring her. Which is something they should not do. Because charlatans like Palin do their best work in the shadows. In speaking engagement with no press coverage. In giving dog whistles from a toy studio broadcast over a fake news channel. In ghost written missives from behind the curtain of Facebook. And every time she did it the Republicans were more than happy to use her interference in our discourse and even in our national policy. But now they want her to go away. They don't want to people to watch her.

Well I want her watched like a hawk. I want every silly, sordid moment that is the career and persona of Palin covered. I don't want to miss a thing.

She's here because the Republicans put her here. And kept her here. So let's look at her. Let's look very closely.