The GOP's Dilemma

PPP's latest poll finds that 47% of Republicans want to nominate a well-known Republican like Palin, Huckabee, Romney, or Gingrich. By contrast, 56% of Independents want a fresh face:

The findings on this poll question nicely summarize the current state of the Presidential race - independents hate the current crop of GOP contenders and because of that Barack Obama is leading them in head to head match ups even in a lot of states where he has approval numbers that are under water. At the same time Republicans kind of like their leading lights and would be perfectly happy to nominate one of them. At some point though they're going to have to decide whether they should nominate someone they've known a long time and are comfortable with- or whether they'd rather go with a newer face they don't know as well, but who might actually be able to defeat Barack Obama.