The Evolution Of Rape, Ctd

by Patrick Appel

A reader writes:

Bering can count on me to think that evolutionary psychology is bad science no matter what subject it's addressing, and not useful in the least for understanding human behavior. But his purported shock at people (and by people, he certainly means women) coming out of the woodwork when he is attempting to explain vastly different experiences and behaviors of fully 50% of the population that is still oppressed in myriad ways (and has often been the victim of "scientific" explanations of difference and weakness) is ridiculous. Nobody comes yelling at him about his opining over humor or blushing, because those things don't have any danger of being used as the next volley of pseudo-scientific justification for continuing systemic misogyny (or discrimination of any sort). Science is political, especially when it's about people, and I'm surprised he would find that strange at all.