The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew joined Paul Gottfried's pile-on of Lowry, and commended E.D. Kain on his interview with the editor of The American Conservative. Bruce Bartlett  and Andrew banded together to ask Obama to save sane conservatism, Matt Steinglass nailed Israel's growing illiberalism, while Andrew saw the larger fight against religious fundamentalism.

Andrew didn't care that Sarah Palin retweeted Tammy Bruce on gay rights, while some were all too eager to insist she could win a general election. Erick Erickson begged to differ, Noah Kristula-Green documented the O'Donnell effect, and Peter Beinart asked the tea-partiers to re-read the Constitution. Tom Jensen rated Huckabee's chances, Ed Morrissey wanted Obama around more, and Obama out-trended Reagan. Sprung argued political calculation isn't always paramount to results, anti-gay groups boycotted CPAC because of GOProud, and the national debt climbed. International conflicts are down, but some cultures (and the chiefs among them) still had to fight to keep themselves alive. Judith Miller called Julian Assange a bad journalist, speaking on behalf a terrorist could mean providing material support, and Google was killing magazine puns.

Recommended Reading

Leonhardt opened our eyes to the rationing that already exists in healthcare, and we heard dueling opinions on the faul healthcare repeal. Sean Strub critiqued New York's new HIV scare-tactic, parking is pricey, Prop 8 headed back to California's Supreme Court, and readers responded to Ross on abortion and adoption. TNC called Kanye's latest album racist, Snooki was the new Fitzgerald, gay actors weren't getting gay roles, and Andrew weighed in on Hitchens' rules for the perfect cup of tea.

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