The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew assessed Israel's chokehold on Gaza via a Wikileaks cable. We featured more fallout from CPAC's acceptance of gays, which some blamed on the Muslim Brotherhood. The recession changed us (the graph edition), and Andrew and Allahpundit weren't buying the Republicans on fiscal reform, or on healthcare reform either for that matter. Mitch Daniels feared for the deficit, George Will endorsed a Palin presidency implicitly, and Kinsley suggested parents get another vote depending on how many kids they have, to undermine the power of the elderly. We parsed the Prop 8 future with reax from around the web, and Douthat thought Obama was right to weigh in on the power of second chances, for Michael Vick. Larison didn't accept the tea partiers as Jeffersonians, and unemployment means the US now has a reservoir of labor for growth not dissimilar to China's, while Drezner insisted the US is still number one. Bernstein predicted a good year for Obama, considering what looks to be a major jobs surge, and Boehner didn't promise much, in a good way.

Limbaugh missed a football game and thought of the Donner Party, and these two girls whooped ass on our immigration policy's fence. It takes a certain someone (an economist) to make $11,000 per monthly column, and Felix Salmon saw American plutocrats as the Russian oligarchs of the financial industry. Lisa Margonelli worried about $3.07 a gallon, and HIV prevention groups ramped up their circumcision tour across Swaziland. Nyhan pleaded for term limits on columnists like Gail Collins, Serwer and Jennifer Rubin duked it out over the New Black Panther Party controversy, and the religious unaffiliated were underrepresented in Congress. A homeless man with a voice of gold gets a leg up in the internet age, and Andrew weighed the loss of older cultures against a new SUV. Readers added to the chorus on adoption, and shared some more psychedelic flashbashbacks, and Andrew threw in his two cents here. Women laughed alone with salad, and a fun PSA on wrapping up "gifts" hit the right notes.

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