The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew exposed Paul Ryan for a fraud, the GOP's healthcare repeal law would increase the deficit by $230 billion, and Douthat called the GOP on their spending illusions. An Irish Catholic sportswriter came out, and readers challenged Andrew on his claim that Catholics approve. We got some historical perspective on calling a horserace this early, and the GOP was reliving 1994 again. Issa's attack on Obama backfired, and Sullum weighed the president's options for vetoing military spending on Gitmo. We covered the Daley decision, and Ezra tried to unpack it, with Sargent's help. Palin's public records get the special treatment, and Ann Coulter baited her. Andrew stuck to his guns on Will's support for Palin for president, Victor Davis Hanson accused the wrong person of sophistry on bogus grounds, and the government takeover of healthcare has already happened.

Andrew cleared up Grover Norquist's "boring white bread Methodist" faith, and Heritage bowed out of CPAC. The Grand Mufti of Egypt and Muslim moderates shut Marty's argument down, and Joe Klein tried to unravel the Afghan endgame from his last conversation with Holbrooke. Marc Lynch worried about the stirrings of an Arab uprising, and Iraq had lots and lots of public employees. Brits loved America for British reasons, and some Israelis could make fun of themselves. Clay Shirky documented the shifting of the international tides with Assange and Wikileaks, and the NYT couldn't hold a candle to Dish VFYW readers. Conservatives centered their crosshairs on invincible Jane Mayer, Andrew Wakefield's lies may have killed children, and Francine Prose helped Andrew see why the difference between slave and nigger matters in Huck Finn.

Recommended Reading

Lego ads used to be great, we heard more reader stories of international and racially diverse adoptions, and asshole parents make Keanu sad. Jeffrey Leonard proposed cutting off all energy subsidies to save green tech, and the world's four riches citizens control more wealth than the world's poorest 57 countries. Comments are sexist but people are racists, and the American anti-contraceptive culture effects teenage pregnancy.  Danny McBride fused powers with James Franco, and self-deception sells jewelry. Love poured in for the Birds, even while children were vomitting. Men laughed with fruit salad, this coach hated losers, and Phillip S. Smith reviewed the Cannabis Closet. Quote for the day here, VFYW here, MHB here, FOTD here, and Von Hoffmann award here.