The Daily Wrap


Today on the Dish, Andrew picked apart Tony Blair's legacy, and revealed his blogging philosophy of "generous anger." Balko raged against the paranoid style of some bloggers on the right, and Chabon happily returned to being a novelist. Andrew rebutted Douthat with some Palin hathos, and rejected Rich Lowry's argument on Loughner's disturbed mind. Tunisia's spark kept smoldering, and Egypt got in line. Koplow focused on the revolution's secular nature, we kept at the Twitter connections, and we looked at implications for the rest of the Arab world, with more analysis here.

The Labor party in Israel split, Brooklyn jumped the shark, and the love hormone oxytocin also caused racism. We honored MLK, and Akim Reinhardt argued the real abolitionists were considered lunatics on the fringe. Maud Newton interviewed Misha Angrist on a Gattaca-lite future, Scott Rosenberg wanted us to figure out Twitter retractions now, and bounty hunters were smart economics. Alan Jacobs saluted Wikipedia, Louis Menand unraveled the Feminine Mystique, and loyalty survived. Andrew revealed his take on Freud and cuddly rabbis, the gay fish lived, and Canada was cold.

VFYW here, MHB here, FOTD here, and chart of the day here.