The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew debated the past and future of marriage with James Poulos, and came down hard on John Paul II for the church's handling of abuse. Bernstein expected more of the same from the GOP on marriage equality in 2012, and Andrew backed Goldberg's outrage at the Smithsonian's betrayal of their curators. Larison and Max Boot assessed the role the US did or didn't play in interferring in Tunisia, and Steven Heydeman compiled a checklist for the Jasmine Revolution. Noah Millman weighed in on the wealth and democracy overlap, and the revolution's pictures are here. We rounded up the debate over a destroyed Afghan village, and the legacy of torture still reverberated around the world.

Andrew served up a nice helping of Palin crack, and Howard Kurtz profiled Palin's id. Josh Marshall defended TPM's Palin coverage, and a word cloud of her labor experience with Trig here. We tracked the fake success of the fake repeal, Frum boiled down the GOP's healthcare dilemma, and the party needed an infusion of new blood. CPAC's conservative freedom featured stopping a mosque, and we trained our eyes on Texas for a debt-minded Tea Party. Libertarianism hit its stride, and Obama's coup could last. Tyler Cowen and Jayme Lemke feared an era of high unemployment, but that didn't mean the US should force its companies to act like China's just for the thrill of it. The antics of Arizona's worst sheriff spotlights the ridiculous politics of the Dupnik recall, and one Supreme Court Chief Justice hid some relevant family ties. Demographers followed the flow of college grads, and aerial spy photos didn't impress Gregg Easterbrook. PZ Myers poked holes in Bering's evolutionary defenses against rape thesis, and Breitbart didn't mind a little PubicCoke, as long as he gets a raise. Fight Club paralleled Calvin & Hobbes, we treasured another classic case of Washington scorn, and air sex is safe but not easy.

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