The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Conor raged against the cable news machine and wasn't too broken up over Olbermann's anouncement. Patrick parsed the cult of Palin and Douthat's dismissal of her, while Andrew took a sick day. Conor raised concerns about Obamacare, took Rich Lowry to task, and rallied for a political blogosphere with lots of parties and cliques. We rounded up reactions to the abortion crimes of Dr. Gosnell, William Saletan challenged pro-choice writers, and readers chimed in on the connection between abortion and slavery. Tunisia's press hit a bump in the road, Alexis Madrigal went behind the scenes for Facebook's compromised security, and Joshua Foust helped put a bombed Afghan city in context. Chris Rovzar urged us not to overstate Giffords' recovery, and Jen Paton connected the dots between Loughner's insanity and McVeigh's terrorism.

Frum infused Obama's SOTU with some Bushisms, Don Taylor lobbied for left-wing deficit hawks, and Conor challenged David Brooks to think outside his box. Palin could paint Texas purple, and even Limbaugh's callers nailed him on being a nutbag. The Tea Party Patriots put everything in the budget on the table, Bernstein yawned at Cilliza's analysis, and Ezra Klein picked at the low-hanging fruit in the GOP's healthcare qualms. Bloomberg might save us from ourselves, Jamelle Bouie argued European multiculturalism doesn't have the same implications as America's, and Yglesias shilled for dental hygenists.

Recommended Reading

More friends made us more popular, Ebert learned to love his lack of a chin, and we dove back into the ideology and science of Angry Birds. Novice-like teachers intrigued students, the bubble of higher education came closer to popping, and Chinese youths escaped via fake Facebooks. Young women envied a prostitute's life, and Conor asked whether local newspapers are enough. Beagles needed love, and Conor penned the trailer copy for Aaron Sorkin's new John Edwards vehicle. The artist himself closed the books on Calvin & Hobbes, Ferris Bueller could also apply to a Fight Club treatment, and horoscopes all say the same thing. 

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