The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, we tracked the momentary lull in Egypt, an Egyptian Dish reader gathered all the relevant links, and #jan25 became defunct. Youths led the revolt, clashes erupted in Suez (videos here) and beyond, and Claire Berlinski explained why Americans should care (hint: it's your tax money). Egyptians didn't want to drink a sweet drink made from rotten fish, and financial markets reacted. Elliott Abrams delinked the protests to Israel, a reader penned a letter from Cairo, the Muslim Brotherhood decided to join Friday's protests, and the Egyptian army benefitted from a luxury Officer's Club. Protests spread to Yemen, Amira Al Hussaini collected Arab reactions on Twitter, Chris stayed vigilant with fresh videos and put the protest in context. Larison rated Lebanon's new PM, Conor egged on Ezra Klein about China's rise, and Chris captured the shock and horror of the murder of Ugandan gay rights advocate David Kato.

Conor agreed with Mark Levin (for one sentence), took Barbara Ehrenreich to task, urged Arizona Republicans to grow up, and wouldn't back down on why vile rhetoric doesn't work. Conor picked on Gingrich's ridiculous passion for ethanol, Mitt threatened to skip Iowa, and James Poulos saw a generational shift in Obama's campaign during the SOTU. Obama answered one question on prohibition, and Conor weighed the crimes of Spitzer against Clinton's. Readers rebutted Millman, and regaled us with their dental woes. The Hirschorn stood up to the Smithsonian on behalf of free expression, Facebook forced your friends to advertise, and Whiskey bloggers ruined whiskey blogging. Patrick visited the United States Of Swearing, people exercised in intersections with i-pods, and Palin capped off the week with a WTF moment.

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