The Big Lie, Ctd

You may recall this lengthy post exposing the conservative talking point that President Obama rejects American exceptionalism. The claim is particularly galling because the proof those who make it always cite is an egregiously truncated quote from a speech where Obama eloquently explains his belief in that very thing. The Weekly Standard is still doing it.

And the blatant falsehood is parroted elsewhere too. Abe Greenwald doesn't rely on the truncated quote, but he seems utterly oblivious to Obama's stance on the issue. As does George Will in his latest. And notice how TWS defends its position:

Gallup reported as recently as December 22 that 80 percent of Americans believe “the U.S. has a unique character which makes it the greatest country in the world.” Only 58 percent think that President Obama shares their belief.

Well, maybe that's because the entire right has been telling lies about this for the last three years.