The Army Arrives

by Chris Bodenner

And apparently that's not necessarily a bad thing:

CNN has just broadcast video of soldiers on the streets of Cairo. As armored personal carriers arrived outside a state television building, Ben Wedeman of CNN reported that people on the streets shouted "Allahu Akbar" as the troops arrived. Mr. Wedeman suggested that this could be because the nation's army is more trusted than the police.


1506 GMT: Al Jazeera Army has live shots of an Egyptian Army armoured vehicle coming near 6 October Bridge. Protesters have run up to greet the soldiers enthusiastically.


Egyptian protesters in Cairo chanted slogans calling for the army to support them, complaining of police violence during clashes on Friday in which security forces fired teargas and rubber bullets. "Where is the army? Come and see what the police is doing to us. We want the army. We want the army," the protesters in one area of central Cairo shouted, shortly before police fired teargas on them.